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 {Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand

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Dimitri Romanoff

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{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand   {Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 5:21 pm

{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Nicholas_hoult_012_1{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Nicholas_hoult_023{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Nicholas_hoult_022  

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
And my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and you shall find
Old, but I'm not that old
Young, but I'm not that bold
I don't think the world is sold
I'm just doing what we're told
I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing
I could lie, couldn’t I, could lie

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Pbucket{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Nicholas_hoult_020_0{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand 1

Name: Dimitri Romanoff
Age: 20
Romantic Relationships: Alexa Foster
Family Relationship(s): Jörmungandr (father), Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (mother), Denise Hunter, Robin Storm & Signy (cousins), Hel (aunt)

Appearance: A tall and mysterious looking young man many would say, most known for either his unreadable expressions or ever knowing smirks. For someone who doesn’t care much for appearances, he has a habit of dyeing his hair a lot. His natural hair color is a reddish brown. Normally he may look fragile and infirm, but hides underneath his everyday cloths a firm body with lean muscles.
Usually his eyes are a strong sapphire blue color, unless they shift into dark, viperous emeralds instead. What stands out most on him though is his snake tongue, which he for obvious reasons makes sure to stay out of sight (unless he’s in his more mischievous moods) .

{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Tumblr_m2fxwhmkZ91qjvets
”Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah, me neither.”

Personality: Dimitri is a mostly secretive and mysterious young man to pretty much everyone, expect for the very few close to him. But even to them he can at times be too hard to figure out. He’s mostly seen with an unreadable expression or an all-knowing smirk, which often manages to piss other people off to no end when he refuses to tell just what and how he knows. In other words, he’s very observant of everything and everyone, even when it would seem he’s not paying attention or ignoring you.
He is painfully blunt and always straight to the point, a no nonsense kind of guy who’s got no problem with getting his hands dirty if really necessary. He’s highly intelligent and fast thinking, a perfectionist when it comes to his hobbies and interests, and most importantly his job. Still, he‘s not as strictly serious as one would think, as he’s playful at the same time in his own way and often amuses or relaxes himself with pulling a prank or two then and there.
Dimitri enjoys being a smart ass, especially since he knows he’s most of the time right and gets a good laugh when he irritates others. He’s cunning and sassy without any shame whatsoever, and at times even bossy without really realizing it himself. Even while having his mischievous sides, what usually stands out most about him is his calmness. Never freaking out, just staying creepily calm even at the most messed up and dreadful situations.

{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Tumblr_m8ckbmSnjM1rzsp7wo1_500
We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.

History: Compared to the other of Dimitri’s ‘kind’, he’s one of the very few lucky ones who to start with wasn’t killed off or abandoned. Unlike Fenrir the demon wolf and Hel the Queen of death, Jormungand was never that interested in intercourse or too keen on the idea of family. However, there would always be an exception and in this case it was Dimitri’s mother, Natasha Romanoff. For a short time period, maybe he was what humans called ‘happy’. But as usual for someone related to the God of Mischief, the good things never lasted for a long time. No matter how much Jormungand learned to embrace the small human part of him, he was and would always be a bloodthirsty predator. So in the end his animal side, his real side, won and he returned to the ocean forever.
Dimitri was born shortly after his father had left and therefor only grew up with his mother. He never really complained, as Natasha naturally became the boy’s whole world. Their life was simple and normal his first years, with him not looking or acting any differently than any other boy, until he started to attend school.
Dimitri has always looked weak and from the beginning he was really shy and used to stutter as well. An easy target for bullies. At first he ignored them the best he could, until some of the kids started to get a little too touchy for his liking. So when a fight suddenly erupted between him and the biggest kid in his class, no one was expecting to see Dimtri get out from it with only a black eye and the other kid in the hospital. And neither did he.
At first he was too afraid to tell his mother what he had done, until he started to take more notice of his canines that he could make grow out at will. When he noticed his tongue had also changed into a snake’s, that’s when he panicked for real and decided to tell his mother. However, even with all the strange things that’s happened in such a short time, he still wasn’t prepared to find his mom literally kicking some guys asses. A lot of things were explained that night for the 8 year old. Dimitri would’ve been more fascinated with all of this, if it hadn’t turned out that the boy he had sent to hospital had passed away a few days later, the cause of death being poisoned by what the doctors thought was a serpent related creature.

A new chapter begun for the Romanoff’s. After the kid’s funeral they moved and began their life all over, this time with training under his mother and with more awareness of his still very unstable abilities. At first, he wanted to give another shoot at school; since it appeared he had a passion for learning and wanted another try at being a ‘normal’ boy. It went slightly better than their first try, until some group of teens couldn’t tolerate his personality. Thanks to his mother’s training he often won the fights without any violence involved and only his sharp tongue and talent at witty and smart-ass come backs. And the few times a fight did occur, he knew exactly where to hit to end it before it even began. He joined S.H.I.E.L.D.  at 15, not because he really were into the whole hero thing, but because he liked the challenge and excitement he got out of it. For him it was simply a job, a job he turned out to be excellent at. He mostly enjoyed taking care of the technological stuff, but was still near unbeatable the times he teamed up with his mother.
Naturally due to his genes, his persona were at times serpentine, as some would say. Not that he’s ashamed of it, but he prefers to ignore that side of him as it naturally would cause more distress with his surroundings if he acted fully out on that practically side of him.
Most of his time at S.H.I.E.L.D. he worked alone though, as many not only had a problem with his nature but also his personality. He didn’t care, often claimed to work better on his own and get things done faster that way, which often earned him annoyed looks. It was pretty much the same story at school, but again he didn’t mind so much, he had a few friends he was happy and comfortable with. But the life he was content with took another turn at his prom night, again for the worse. Some of the jocks had decided to play a little ‘nice’ prank on him, as payback for all the times he made a fool out of them. The same day Dimtri had already been through a rough day as it was, failing a mission, fighting with his ‘colleagues’, getting blamed by Furry and upsetting his mother. And to top it all he’s been holding back his animal instincts for weeks, the urge to sink his poisonous fangs into something was driving him mad. As much as he despised the jocks, he never wished to kill them. And especially not in such a gruesome way.
Their bodies were found later by one of his friends, with their throats teared out open and blood splattered out everywhere around them. Dimitri left S.H.E.I.L.D before they found out what happen, only explaining everything to his mother what had happened, and left to try and “figure himself out” before he would act out on his animal side again.
That’s how he managed to find and someway contact his aunt, The Queen of Death, and that way also got to know her daughter Signy which he came to love as a sister. Shortly after another cousin appeared, Denise, an offspring of Fenrir. They bickered a lot for the silliest things, yet somehow managed to get along. But unlike him she never had problem with her animal side as he did, having had a balanced upbringing between the wild and civilization, and apparently a very good friend according to her.

A couple of years went by before he had enough guts to return home, if only to see his mother again. The crime he committed was never solved, apparently for not having enough clues to go by, seeing as everyone thought they’d be looking for an animal and not a human. Obviously, he was not welcomed back to S.H.E.I.L.D. but he wasn’t even upset about it. Eventually they’d come and ask him for help, and sometimes depending on his mood he did. Otherwise he lived by his own rules, in his own way, still working on a way to somehow let his human side for once have full control over his actions.

{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand Tumblr_lja8u6DcYP1qbkwhho1_500
~ Built For Sin ~

Powers/Special talents:
• Genius-level intellect with modern technology and weaponry
• Poison Immunity
• Serpent Imitation/Empathy
• Venomous Fangs
• Aquatic Respiration – Allows him to breathe in both water and air

• Feral Mind/ Berserker:
- Enhanced Agility
- Enhanced Instincts
- Enhanced Reflexes
- Enhanced Strength
- Pain Suppression

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{Character Profile}~ Dimitri Romanoff - Son of Black Widow and Jormungand
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