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 {Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel

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Dean Adam

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{Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel   {Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel EmptyTue Nov 19, 2013 6:25 pm

{Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel Chris-evans-people-in-tv-photo-u10

Name:  Dean Adam

Parents:  Black Adam/ Ms. Marvel

Age: 17

Romanic Relationships: Wants Caroline

Appearance: short spiky blond hair, Electric blue eyes, tall well muscled but not overly so

Personality:  Dean has become addicted to his power and because of that he expects to have everything he wants.  He is a natural liar and can be very manipulative when it comes to things he wants, and keeps secret his sexual deviance.  One thing that he loves more then anything is having what he has always been taught he shouldn’t have, the forbidden fruit as it were.

History:  Dean’s mother raised him on the S.H.E.I.L.D Helacarier where she worked.  Away from his father who lived in another world.  She never seemed to like to talk about him so he didn’t usually push it.  

She often let him hang out with the Avengers while she work which he enjoyed.  As he grew older he began noticing the slutty outfits the female Avengers, including his mother, would wear.  He began following many of them around and even found ways to watch them undress and shower.  Multiple times he even found himself watching these women fuck their team mates.  He had seen his own mother having sex with Tony Stark, Thro, Steve Rogers, Barton, Bruce Banner, even Director Fury.  He saw many of the other woman sleeping around with men they weren’t officially with as well. This lead him to the conclusion that you can do whoever you want whenever you want.

One night when he was 14 he found Wasp after a horrible fight with her husband, drunk off her ass, wearing booty shorts and a sports bra.  He took advantage of her right on the bar banging her brains out.  When she sobered up she was incredibly ashamed, but he told her that if she didn’t keep letting him have her he was going to tell everyone what happened and because he was under age she would be put in jail for rape.  

After having a taste he began to look for ways to take advantage of other woman on the ship he resided.  One night Pepper Potts was sleeping in the bed she shared with Tony Stark.  Tony was off on a mission.  While Dean loved Tony like an Uncle or Father, he wanted Pepper, so one night he slipped into her bed, carefully undressed her and ravaged her in her sleep.  He got out of bed and redressed her in all but her panties which he kept.  But he couldn’t get enough of her so a few days later when Tony was out of town he found Pepper, he knew that she and Tony had been having problems so he offered her a sympathetic ear.  He got her drinking and took her right on Tony’s desk for hours in every position he could get her into.

Over the next few years he force, tricked, and charmed his way into the beds of just about every female Avenger he meet, he even slept the She-Hulk multiple times finding that she loved to be taken from behind and spanked.  

One night the Fantastic Four stayed on the ship and he couldn’t help himself he had to have Sue Richards.  Richards was in the lab and Dean had heard Sue say she wanted her husband in bed with her tonight but he was determined to work.  The guy was an idiot if he didn’t see his wife needed him physically.  So he slipped into her room and offered his services to her.  She said no at first saying he was too young, she was married and then saying she doubted he could please her enough to make it worth it.  He took her hard proving her wrong.  Over the next year she came back to him begging him to keep taking her.  She would even bring him home where he would take her on her husband’s desk and in the bed she shared with him.

One night Valkyrie was waiting around for Thor and Dean couldn’t help himself.  He took advantage of her, barely putting her back in order before Thor appeared.  It had been exhilarating for both of them and they continued on where he would find her in inappropriate places at inappropriate times and get her heart rate up Wink.

On his 17th birthday his mother allowed him to go out drinking with her and the other Avengers and some of the others.  He had a lot of fun that night.  Pepper he took against the bathroom wall, Sue Richards turned invisible and went under the table where she messed around with him.  Then she sat on his lap while invisible and moved over him with everyone watching and not seeing it, even her husband and little brother.

When he went home that night his mother was drunk off her ass and could barley tell were she was.  They went into her bedroom, with him planning on just saying good night name making sure she got into bed alright when she began stripping off her clothes until she was naked.  Dean was immediately hard.  He always knew his mother was beautiful but it never really registered in the same way as with the other woman until now.  She didn’t even seem to remember he was still there as she began to touch herself.  “Oh Black.”  She moaned violently as she moved her fingers and played with her breasts.  Dean knew that his fathers name was Black Adam so knew she was thinking about him.  Finally his mother saw him but she didn’t see him, “Oh Black Come and take me.”  She moaned wantonly arching her body.  Dean licked his lips.  This was the ultimate forbidden fruit.  He moved forward stripping off his clothes.  He then threw her onto the bed and took her hard.  Dean loved this all.  He got whatever he wanted.

Powers/Special Talents: flight, super strength
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{Character Profile} Dean Adam- Son of Black Adam and Ms. Marvel
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