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 {Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy

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Dahlia Ivy

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{Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy   {Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 9:32 pm

{Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWfdKUQ3gJ_vK14LzdGjzPaJ_713P93I-oEhuR98SGlJ_bytjS

Name – Dahlia Ivy

Parents – Poison Ivy

Age – 19

Romantic Relationships – none

Appearance – Long curly red hair, pale skin, Bright green eyes, Slim build, long legs, C-cup breasts, she has a rose tattoo intertwining with a vine of poison ivy on her spine.

Personality – Dahlia loves plants seeing them more as people then even her mother.  Though she loves her plants she doesn’t hate humans.  She was very isolated most of her life so she is very innocent in actual human interactions.

History – Before Poison Ivy was taken she began an experiment of growing a plant variation of herself.  She had been lonely for a while with Harley back with the Joker.  When Ivy disappeared the growth continued.  Poison Ivy had set up a system that after the ‘birth’ of her daughter if she wasn’t there her daughter would hear her voice and grow and learn about the world out side of her green house.  Finally when she turned 15 she walked out into the world.  She met and became friends with Annette Quinn, who she learned a lot about the world from though she still finds it very confusing.  Annette became like the big sister she never had and Aidan the big brother.  When Annette took her out into the world she would often just fallow her lead in behavior though sometimes she doesn’t understand why Annette does the crazy things she does.  
After two years out in the world she was kidnapped by the same people that took her mother from her.  Now she just doesn’t know what to do or where she should fit.  Her mother was a villain but Dahlia never really saw a point in attacking people unless it was to defend a plant directly.

Powers –
Regeneration – quick healing and re-growing limbs
Control over plants
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{Character Profile} Dahlia Ivy- Daughter of Poison Ivy
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