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 {Character Profile} ~ Robin Storm - Son of Hel

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Robin Storm

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PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Robin Storm - Son of Hel    Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:43 pm

I will die someday
But right now it feels quite far away
I will die someday
Let's hope it's not today
I know life is today
Tomorrow can't wait
My head wants to move on
But my heart wants to stay

I'm just a kid with a guitar in my hands
But I know something that some can't understand

'Cause we live and we die
I do whatever I like
Life is now, so let's try
To live our whole life out
And it starts now


Name: Robin Storm
Age: 17
Romantic Relationships: Open to Suggestions
Family Relationship(s): Signy (half-sister) , Dimitri Romanoff & Denise Hunter (cousins) , Hel (mother) , Oz [Jotun/Frost Giant] (father)

Appearance: The blonde kid with a baby face wearing an old man’s hat, like many of his friends and family likes to joke with him. Robin age is usually mistaken thanks to his childlike aura and features, but naturally acts like most teenagers. He’s well known for always wearing a cap or a beret, often claiming to feel naked without having something on his head. Unconsciously he has a pretty good sense of ‘’fashion,’’ is rarely seen without a guitar stuck to his back or a harmonica in his pocket.
His natural eye color is blue-green, but depending on his mood sometimes turns into either a lighter ice cold blue or completely white.

"The tougher it gets, the cooler I get~"

Personality: Robin has always been a gentle and generous soul, rarely ever seen upset over anything or anyone. He’s an easy going guy who’s never have a problem getting along with people, be it either strangers or someone he knows. His positive ways of seeing and thinking is of course one of the many things that usually draws others to him, likewise with his open personality and understanding nature. He also likes to goof around now and then, and would spend most of his time just trying to enjoy his young life, especially with his passion for music, another part of his charm many would say.
Apart from his open and positive aura, there’s always been an ‘innocence’ surrounding him. Maybe because of his childlike features (which he’s been teased about enough), his strong and childish curiosity or the times he’s really been way too naive for his own good. He’s not stupid or slow, he just never sees the bad things or dangers at first.
Even while being naïve and genuinely kind hearted, he is quite stubborn and headstrong. Even while afraid, he doesn’t back down when he thinks (knows) he’s right.

Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy.

History: Robin has always known he’s adopted. So when the day came of his adoptive parents telling him what they thought would be a shocking truth, he surprised them with a smiling face, with no drama or difficulties. Of course he’s always wondered and been curious who his real parents may have been, but have never lift a finger to try and find out. He never even asked his adoptive parents. Maybe he was afraid of what he might find out.
But he’s always been a happy kid, grateful for the family who took him in and the life they gave him, so he never saw any reasons to complain or find out about his origins. He had a good life.
Robin has always been told to that he has a wild imagination, especially since he used to have a lot of imaginary friends. Only they weren’t exactly ‘imaginary’ though, but spirits and ghosts of the dead only he could see apparently. He tried to ignore them as he grew up, but eventually gave up and only acknowledge them when he was alone.
He knew for a fact he wasn’t like the rest, but he still had never any problems of fitting in or blending into the crowd. His little problem was something he came to knew how to ignore, until he started to notice yet another thing about himself. Like when things would freeze under his touch, or how the temperature would drop until your breathe could be seen, or how he was completely immune to the cold. He did manage to keep this a secret as well, always coming up with some sort of explanation whenever something froze or played the innocent unknowing kid, which everyone had no problem buying.
He never bothered to try and figure out about his abilities so much, as he mostly just ignored them and acted as if everything was ok, as if he was just another normal teenager with normal problems. He was also good at pretending, so why not pretend to himself as well?

His passion for music helped him to figure out some part of his un-desired powers, like how much his emotions affected it. So he learned how to keep himself calm and not get stressed, and just focus everything on his songs whenever he felt the stronger waves of powers wanting to come out. At times that would make him stay locked up in his rooms for weeks, especially during the darkest and longest periods of winter. During summer he’s always been less energetic, and even when realizing how weak the heat made him he preferred the warm weather since he had less chance of accidently freezing something or someone up.
Just when he was starting to allow himself to believe his abilities was under control, one dark winter night while alone at home he yet again learned something more about himself, and not because he wanted too. As he had been strumming away on his beloved guitar, the snow storm outside had managed to break his window open. Since he’s never had a problem with cold, he had taken his sweet time before getting up and fixing the window, uncaring about the snow falling inside his bedroom, and failing to notice the ice patterns that followed wherever he stepped. As he finished fixing the window and turned, his whole room had been frozen. And not only that, but his skin had started change to that of a dark shade of blue. And as he slowly turned to face himself in his mirror, it wasn’t his usual blue-green eyes that stared back at him, but dark red orbs instead.
That explained his immunity to cold and randomly freezing up his environments, him having the blood of an Ice-Jotun, or what others might call ‘Frost Giants’. However, that still didn’t explain his other ability, his ever near presence of death that’s been hanging over him since he could remember. And Robin’s never been more afraid to find out who and what exactly he is.

“We kill for lies."

Powers/Special talents:
• Cold Immunity
• Frigiokinesis - Can generate, absorb, and manipulate cold for various effects, ranging from offensive, defensive to practical and mundane.
• Ice Touch – Lets him freeze any object he touches, including living organism.
• Spiritual Affinity – Lets him see ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people.

PS: Feel like I should mention, the Frost Giants here are not based from the Movies Thor, but from the North myth's, so there's a difference <3
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{Character Profile} ~ Robin Storm - Son of Hel
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