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  {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire

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Egil Thruerson

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 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire    {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 1:42 pm

 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 09 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 04222009_005 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 04292009_002  

There's nothing left, so save your breath, lying in wait
Caught inside this tidal wave
Your cover's blown, nowhere to go, holding your fate
Loaded, I will walk alone

Fire your guns, it's time to run, blow me away
I will stay unless I may
After the fall, we'll shake it off
Show me the way

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all

 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 04222009_010 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 01 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire 22

Name: Egil Thruerson
Age: 23 (in human years)
Romantic Relationships: Open to Suggestions
Family Relationship(s): Thor/God of Thunder (grandfather), Sif/Goddess of War(grandmother), Torunn/Valkyire(mother), Alexa (um.. uh… aunt xD)

Appearance: The spitting image of a younger version of his grandfather. A tall and well-built young man, who always appears to be relaxed and with no concerns. Thanks to both his inherited and constantly hard training growing up, he has the body of a skilled and true warrior, even though he may not act or looks like it (especially with the types of clothes he likes to wear, which often makes him look like a lazy slacker.)
His hair is a dark blonde color, and his eyes the same strong blue color like his mother and grandfather.  When using his psychic energy abilities, his eyes often changes into a dark, burning yellow/red color.

 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire Anigif_enhanced-buzz-14971-1377540396-0
”I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”

Personality: For being a warrior trained and brought up in Asgard, his laid-back and relaxed personality makes him stand out among his kind. He’s an over the top optimist, more than often avoids real challenges if possible and even though he likes battles as much as the warrior next door, he would any day rather enjoy a peaceful afternoon slacking around then throw himself  into a fight.
He’s open and good natured, almost a little too much for being considered a ‘warrior’ in Asgard, but is also a natural talent when to comes to warfare and survivability. His blunt and clumsy side (which shows more than often) only adds to his innocent looking character, and has more than once been looked down upon because of it. And when it happens, he usually doesn’t care or mind, and brushes it off with a goofy smile.
He easily gets overly excited when he comes across new things or stuff that isn’t from his own world. He never seems to care or take any notices of insults thrown at him, can appear to be oblivious more than half the time and has the annoying habit of talking nonstop about anything that happen to pop up in his mind. Even the people closest to him have a hard time keeping up with his rambles and random comments.
Even while constantly living with being underestimated and the reputation of being a failure, Egil has never shown any concern over it, or bothered to prove them all wrong. Even when the fact still stands about him simply holding back his true potential.

 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire Tumblr_lzma6x3r3y1r4cc9wo3_500
The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood.

History: Much like his mother, Torunn, Egil was born with great expectations and pressure to not become a failure. It was already a big thing being the only son of one of the most powerful and proud Valkyrie, but also being the grandson of the God and Goddess of Thunder and War. And top it all off, this also made him a descendant of their All-Father, Odin. If there was something he was well accustomed to, it was pressure.
Somehow it had been decided even before he was born that all the highest expectations were to be laid upon him, as if everyone new he’d end up being the only son of Torunn and he would have no choice but to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Even his name given to him by birth, which meant terror and/or awe, seemed to be a constant reminder to exactly what was expecting from him. He knew all this, and accepted it all with a kind smile without any complaint. He did as told, trained like all the best warriors (if not even more), went out on hunts and wars. He was almost everything a warrior of Asgard should be, too bad his personality true interests didn’t sit well with his already decided fate. He wasn’t the best in his class, but he was anything but the weakest. His main problem would be that he rather skip the fights and instead wander off to some isolated place and relax.
Like most of future Asgard warrior’s, Egil began his training early. It was quickly discovered that he wasn’t at the top of his class, the main reason for that often being him holding back or being either to afraid or lazy to give it his all. He was early on scolded for being too soft and kind, even to his enemies.
He was well aware of the importance of pride, especially for his family, and he truly did try his best. Once during one of his first travels through the dark forest, still as a child, he and his small group encountered a Jotun. They had managed to win the fight, and the final blow was to be delivered by his hand, as a test to see if he was worthy being called a Warrior of Asgard, and descendent of Odin. As he was ready to strike, sword held high above his head, he found himself unable to kill the Jotun off. He refused to do it, even his mentor and comrades threatened him with shame and punishment. His mentor ended up cutting the Jotun’s head off instead, leaving Egil with both guilt and shame to deal with. The rumor about him being a coward spread out over Asgard, but he acted as if not caring or knowing. The thing is, he didn’t kill the Jotun because he was too scared, but simply because he  had seen no point in taking its life. When being askd about this by an angerd Torunn, he had calmly explained that he wouldn’t just take a life unless it was of a good enough reason. Of course, being brought up from the heart of Valhalla, those reasons could be very different and incomprehensible from an earthling’s point of view.

Egil was raised by his mother alone, at times his grandparents, but never by a real father figure. Apparently, no one knew who his real father could be, although there have obviously been a lot of different rumors going on about that.  The few times Egil had asked his mother, she always said that it was less complicated for everyone if it stayed a secret, even for him. He had accepted it, without anger or frustration.
When the time for him came to practice his powers, everyone was surprised to learn he didn’t inherited the gift of thunder and lighting, like everyone else from Thor’s bloodline had been. He could fly, yes, but he was far from being the best or most graceful flyer. His abilities was another thing that stood out between him and his kind, and reminded them more of an dark elf’s or Jotun’s magic powers, thus raising more questions to who his father might’ve been. Torunn had made it quite (painfully) clear that she’d rather cut her own organs out than being with their most hated nemesis, leaving the suspicion of his father being one of the elf’s more credible.
Egil was a social person, yet he still ended up being on his own most of the time. Not because he's alone, if he wanted company he knew where to find it, but that way he didn’t have to force himself to ignore the jealousy and dislike from his people. Being born with so much already giving to him, and having to show the world he was worthy of it all when in he never asked for any of it… It got tiresome even for him at times.  

 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire Tumblr_lzbwrvb5kn1r0frfb
{A Beautiful Lie}

Powers/Special talents:
• Master Swordsmanship
• Superhuman stamina/reflexes/agility/speed
• High skilled in hand to hand combat
• Flight (poorly)
• Pain Immunity – allows him to suppress/redirecting pain at will & has extreme high tolerance for pain.

• Psychic Constructs/Mental Materialization – allows him to create constructs out of psychic energy.

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 {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire Empty
PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire    {Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire EmptyFri May 02, 2014 12:50 am

*fangirl squeals* ASKJDKLADSJKLJ CHRIS PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-* EEEEEEEEK! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

aaaaaaand, AMI, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! *glomps and snuggles tightly* <3333333
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{Character Profile}~ Egil Thruerson - Son of Valkyire
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