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 {Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth

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Sebastian Creed

Sebastian Creed

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PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth   Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:04 pm


Stuck in a limbo (here we go)
Me and my sins go (toe-to-toe oh oh oh)
I played a vicious part (Whoa)
I broke an unfair share of hearts
I'm about to blow
So if you come around then you should know
I'll tear you up in two
Go ahead walk it off if you know what’s best for you.
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh oh

I'm no good for you (no)
This heart ain't built for two so
Runaway, Runaway
Cuz I'm no, I'm no, I'm no good for you.

Name: Sebastian Creed
Age: 19
Romantic Relationships: Open to Suggestions
Family Relationship(s): Victor Creed/Sabretooth (father), Chloe Sullivan/Watchtower (mother), Stefan Creed (twin-brother), Ryan Creed (half-brother), Caroline Creed (younger sister)

Appearance: If people wouldn’t have known any better, they would’ve mistaken Sebastian for being Stefan’s clone, seeing as he’s just like his twin reflection. When it comes to appearances Sebastian is his brother’s spitting image in pretty much everything. Height, weight, hair and eye color, physique and even their taste in clothes and food are for the most part exactly the same. In short, it would’ve been impossible to tell them apart if it weren’t for their personalities.

”You hate me? Well okay, grab a chair and wait for me to care.”

Personality: While being the spitting image of each other on the outside, Sebastian is the complete opposite of his brother personality wise.
While Stefan is the mature and calm one, Sebastian is childish and full of energy, getting bored easy and always in the need for excitement. He’s always been more playful, a ‘man-of-action’ as he like to call himself and always made sure to have something happen, be it either bad or good, as long he didn’t stay bored and had something to do.
Sebastian is most known for his confident, out-going and fun-loving nature, is always up to something and a huge charmer (whether he’s aware of this or not) to both ladies AND men. (“What? I’m young, it’s ok for me to experiment).
He’s also known as a prankster, a troublemaker who just can’t stop getting himself into danger just for the sheer thrill he gets out of it. He’s an attention seeker, loves to tease, witty with always some snarky comment to add, and very rarely takes anything seriously, as he usually lets his twin take care of that part. When it comes to his family he can get overprotective, but with outsiders he couldn’t care less about their problems and just give them the cold shoulder. At times he can be self-centric and little too selfish, but he never cares about what anyone thinks of him. But count on him to rip someone’s throat open if he hears them talk shit about his loved ones.

Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose

History: Sebastian was born minutes after his twin brother Stefan, who had taken up the ‘big brother’ role without much question. Sebastian however, wasn’t always as confident or strong willed as some would think. Growing up Sebastian was always the weakest between the twins, failing and getting severely injured more than often. His brother was the one closest to him but yet he couldn’t help but feel strong jealously for the other twin. In whatever he failed and messed up in, Stefan did it without much problem. And he got praised, and all the attention Sebastian never felt he got. But he tried to hide his pain behind his childish nature, and started to fool around mostly feel like he wasn’t forgotten. However, that never suited well for their father, or many of the grown-ups either who more than often told him to stop playing around and act more like his brother. Even if people were aware or not of the fact, they always ended up comparing the identical yet different twins, who only managed to make his jealous for his brother grow. But he never hated Stefan, no matter how much he at times wished the other gone, he knew for a fact he wouldn’t make it through without the other.  
As much as he loved and looked up to his dad, Sebastian hated him just as much. Due to his constant failures, especially when it came to their training, their father scolded the younger of the two almost under every session. Back then Sebastian was too afraid to talk back to the man, and would silently be yelled at while trying to hold back his tears. As good as Stefan was when it came to fighting and many other things, he wasn’t much better treated than Sebastian. The older twin fought and argued a lot with their father, but unknown to the younger more than half of their arguments were about him.
The older they got, the more trouble Sebastian got into. It had started to become a habit of him to intentionally seek out danger to throw himself into, and it always ended the same. With Stefan finding and bringing him back. It got to the point where the older twin would the only one who cared enough to go after him, while the rest just knew he’d come back eventually.. Sure he scolded the younger now and then, but mostly he would sit quietly at his side and nurse him back to health. Sebastian always repaid him the same way, with being the only one who really understood him, healing him, or just listening when the older needed it.  
It was obvious to everyone, but mostly between them, that they were the closest to each other than anyone else in their family was. They understood each other without having to ask, and always without question stuck up for the other when needed. Whenever the other was in trouble or needed help, they somehow just knew it.

When they reached teenage years, Sebastian had finally managed to catch up to his twin in strength, and was no longer the weak one of the duo. Now they were equals, too bad though he still couldn’t keep his ass out of trouble. Sebastian had never been ashamed of what he and his family are, but more like felt pride in it. In that way, he was better than the rest.
When Caroline was born the twins had since first sight loved her more than anything else, and for once even Sebastian had taken up the ‘big brother’ role, not even needing his father’s threats of protecting her and being responsible for once. He was still the hyper and most childish one in the family, but always putting his beloved baby sister’s safety at first.

Years went by, Sebastian was rarely ever seen at home. The only reason he came back was for Caroline’s sake, apparently he couldn’t stand their father anymore. If Stefan wanted to see him, he as always knew how and where to find him without problem. And since he had no problem taking care of himself the older twin never really worried anymore. That was until, however, when one night Caroline had spilt out her worries to him of not having seen Sebastian for over a couple weeks, not having even received a message during that time. Stefan along with his sister had been the only one worried enough to go out and find the younger twin. Everyone else had just said it was normal for him to vanish without a trace or message, because he was ’selfish and childish’. Yes, maybe but never when it came to Caroline, whom only Stefan had seem to known.
Three days later, he found Sebastian in some abandoned factory, drenched in blood. Less than half of it had belonged to him. The only thing Sebastian had said, begged the other was: “Don’t tell Caroline,” before collapsing. Stefan had caught him before he hit the floor.
None other than Stefan knew about the incident and if even things were never really explained he didn’t push the other, not even when he got back to his usual self again, like nothing had happened.  
The twins knew both of them carried an inner darkness within them, but both of them would refuse to admit it, even to themselves.

{I’m just caught in the undertow}

Powers/Special talents:
• Predator Instinct/Hunting Intuition
• Stealth Tactics - Possess expertise in stealth
• Claw Retraction - Can extend and retract razor-sharp claws
• Danger Sense
• Killing Instinct/Bloodlust
• Pain Suppression

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Alice Wayne

Alice Wayne

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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth   Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:18 pm

Caroline: SEBASTION! *huggles him*
Stefan: Its great to finally see you on here Wink
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Sebastian Creed

Sebastian Creed

Posts : 21
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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth   Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:51 am

Sebbie: Caroline!!! My princess! *twrils her around* And Stefano~ Missed my charming personality already huh? Cool Weeeeell who could blame ya *pats his shoulder*

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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth   

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{Character Profile} ~ Sebastian Creed - Son of Watchtower and Sabretooth
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