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 {Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl

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Alora Howlett
Alora Howlett

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{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl   {Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl EmptyWed Oct 30, 2013 11:51 pm

{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl Tumblr_mv5qjrSBxi1syquido3_250{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl Kaya1{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl Tumblr_mv5qjrSBxi1syquido2_250
High dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life
Fight fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time
Hold still right before we crash 'cause we both know how this ends
A clock ticks 'til it breaks your glass and I drown in you again

'Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn't need
Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?

{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl Tumblr_m3vcw8S7jb1rvb2qmo1_500

NAME - Alora Howlett
PARENTS - Kara and Logan Howlett
AGE - 16
ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP(S) - One is plotted with Dante Al Ghul! :3
FAMILY RELATIONSHIP(S) - Supergirl (Mother), Wolverine (Father), James (Big Brother), Victor Creed (Uncle), Caroline Creed (Cousin),
Sebastian and Stefan Creed (Cousins), Aleyna Keller (Cousin)
Clark Kent(Uncle/Cousin)

APPEARANCE- Alora has medium dark brown, and wavy hair that compliments her unbelievably bright blue eyes that she had inherited from her mother. She has a clean complexion and beautiful pale skin that makes her look like a doll sometimes. Though she is pretty tall as a female. She stands at 5' 6" (1.68 m). Though she doesn't quite compare to both her and her brother who are taller than her.

PERSONALITY - Alora at first seems shy, and someone who can be quickly underestimated. She doesn't seem to trust a lot of people and likes to stay by her brother when he is around. She is a family person, someone who wants to be with her family and see no harm done to them. This is also because she has been protected all of her by both her parents and her big brother which is something she doesn't mind. Due to she is scared of her powers and still has no full control of them. When she uses her powers, she will seem a bit out of it, especially when she uses her claws. She tries her best not to use her powers, but there are times where she knows she knows she needs to and uses them even if she doesn't want to. (She also never curses)

Under all the goodie good shoes appearance though, there lays a fire inside of her. In a moment of threat, Aloraa will become a whole different person. Someone who is serious and doesn't really take any bull from anyone. Someone who is willing to win any fight that comes her way. This is because of her training with her father, since she has inherited his powers instead of her mothers.

Though, once you get to know Alora you will find out how outgoing she is, and what a great person she is. She could talk, and joke all night if you could let her. She will protect you, and will never betray you. If you get hurt, you can bet Alora will be there by your side.

HISTORY - Alora is the second child of Logan (Wolverine) and Kara (Supergirl). She was born two years after both her mother and father were able to escape Shadow Man's first world. She was a great surprise to both of them, and they were hoping that it was a little girl. Though they would've loved her even if she was a boy. When she was born it brought nothing but happiness to the Howlett family, for now they two blessings in their life. Something they deserved after what they had been too. They did find it funny how James had gotten Kara's hair color, while Alora gotten her father's hair color. Though both of them feared that one of them would get Logan's power. Even though Kara loved how Logan was, and Logan was happy with how he was. They didn't want their children to go through what he had to go through. The pain with having to control such powers. So you bet that they were excited when James got his powers and they were similar to Kara's. He was the little superman of the family, but they soon realized he didn't really want to be called that.

Though, the happiness quickly vanished when the day Alora had gotten her powers at the age of 12. James had frightened his little sister, causing her to freak out. This caused claws that were identical to her fathers rush out of her hands, making the young girl scream both in terror and pain. Causing their parents to rush in and immediately stopped at what they saw. They saw their little girl having the claws they both dreaded that she would get. Logan had to help her calm down and show her how to make them go back into the skin, and when she was calm enough he held her into his arms before giving his wife a sad look. Their little princess was now going to go through all of the troubles he had gone through with his powers. It wasn't until she was fourteen did he start teaching her how to handle her powers. He taught her every day, he wanted her to be prepared for anything. Though he did teach James too, and so did Kara. They both took turns with training their children. Sometimes they trained all together, wanting to make it a family fun time. Though, the more Alora started to get use to her powers as she grew up, the more their worry slowly started to die. That was.. until she turned fifteen.

At the age fifteen Alora was approached by a woman named Circe. This woman told her she knew about her powers, and how she would be a great team-mate. She told her how they could stop dangerous people together, which intrigued Alora. She could help innocent people? This made Alora say yes. Though, when they got to a certain area and Circe revealed her true plans for them both, Alora quickly moved away and refused to help her at all. The woman had made it seemed like she would be helping innocents, but really, she would be putting them in danger. This caused Circe to feel betrayed and without thinking any more of it, the woman cursed Alora. Causing her to get one more power. a curse. Alora would be able to see visions of the future now. After the curse was complete, it caused Alora to black out and fall onto the ground where Scarlet Witch had found her and brought her back home.

Once she was home and she finally awoke, Alora had a vision about cutting James with her claws. Causing her to scream once the vision was over. It was then did James rush in and accidentally scare her, causing her to swipe at him with her claws. Which made her gasp and scream again as she backed off of the bed, falling to the floor in terror and pain. It was then Kara, Logan, and Wanda came rushing in and saw the scene. Wanda went straight to Alora as she knew what had happened for she could sense the girl's new powers. Logan rushed to James' side, helping him to calm down so he could heal himself. While Kara ran to Alora to make sure she was alright. While this was going on Alora kept complaining on how much pain she was in. Which Wanda tried to calm down, but the girl had gotten another vision causing more pain throughout her body. It was then Wanda asked the two if she could help her and stop the pain and made sure she would only have visions of the future. Logan and Kara both said yes and Wanda went to work. Though it left Alora unconscious for a whole day.

When she awoke, she was told everything and how she would have to handle it. This made Alora scared, but after what happened to James she silently made a vow to change the future whenever it was something bad. Now Alora is sixteen and she has started getting visions of the present and the pain had came back. She is still scared of her powers, but she is trying her best to stay in control of them and she will make sure she gets both her, her brother, and everyone else will leave this world, safely.

- Regenerative healing factor
- Superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, and longevity. (Though they are not as good as her father's yet)
- Three retractable bone claws just like her father, except with no adamantium.
- A bit of experience with martial arts and defensives.
- Alora also has visions of both the future and the present.
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{Character Profile} ~ Alora Howlett - Daughter of Wolverine and Supergirl
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