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 {Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis

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Marie Maximoff

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{Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis   {Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 9:38 pm

{Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSrJzPdqcS-saHdUuzaQpG4kPJZ08F5MzqJ0eGXwb0M6XAsrHH1hw

Name – Marie Maximoff

Parents – Pietro Maximoff and Artemis Crook

Other Family – Aunt Wanda, little sister- Soliel

Age – 18

Romantic Relationships – none yet

Appearance – Marie has long blonde hair like her mother, bright blue eyes like her father.  Her face is round but with strong check bones and slightly pointed chin.  Her eyes are almond shaped and have an Asian angle to them.  She has a runners build, tight and long.  She has a slim athletic body with above average breasts for her body type at a C – cup.  

Personality – Marie is tough and knows how to take care of herself after training with her mother and Father, but she also likes to be treated like a lady and being girly sometimes.  Her father always loved to spoil her and her sister treating them like princesses.  She has always been a daddy’s girl since the second she could figure out who he was to her.  
Marie does have a slight mistrust of humans.

History – Marie was the first of Artemis and Pietro’s children.  Her parents had her when they were still being held captive.  She was raised in Pietro’s world having a wonderfully normal childhood for a mutant girl growing up in the old Brotherhood House with her uncles Fred and Todd and her Aunt Wanda could be.  Her father was able to keep her and her little sister safe from Anti-Mutant people for the most time.  Fred and Todd were always fun to have around because of the silly shenanigans they would get into giving plenty of entertainment for everyone in the house.  Except for Aunt Wanda when Uncle Todd would try to kiss her or give her a hug.  That always made Marie laugh.

When Marie was 10 she was kidnapped by a group called F.O.H. Friends Of Humanity.  She was taken because she was the daughter of a Human, Mutant marriage and because she is the grand daughter of Magneto the mutant terrorist.  For three weeks she was tormented and deprived of food and water, until her parents and family found her.  They fought their way threw all the FOH and rescued her.  She had to be in her grandfathers hospital for two weeks before she was well enough to go home again.  

Pietro for over a year was incredibly protective of her after that incident and wouldn’t let her sister out of the house for months in fear that it would happen to her as well.

Powers –
Naturally good aim (though doesn’t train it much)
Her father’s super speed
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{Character Profile} Marie Maximoff- daughter of Quicksiver and Artemis
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