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 {Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion

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Aleyna Keller

Aleyna Keller

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{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion   {Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 3:42 pm

{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion 003{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion 003{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion 011
I know that we are upside down
So hold your tongue and hear me out
I know that we were made to break
So what? I don't mind

You kill the lights, I'll draw the blinds
Don't dull the sparkle in your eyes
I know that we were made to break
So what? I don't mind

Are you gonna stay the night?
Are you gonna stay the night?

{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion Tumblr_ml5945XXLj1rjlvwgo1_500

NAME - Aleyna Miracle Keller (AH-LEY-NA)
PARENTS - Laura and Julian Kellert
AGE - 17
FAMILY RELATIONSHIP(S) - Kara and Logan Howlett (Aunt and Uncle), Alora and James Howlett (Cousins),
Victor and Chloe Creed (Uncle and Aunt), Caroline Creed (Cousin),
Sebastian and Stefan Creed (Cousins), Clark Kent(Uncle)

APPEARANCE- Aleyna has dark, straight, black hair that stops midway on her bust. She has very bright, blue eyes which she has inherited from her father. The brightness though, comes from her mother. She stands at 5' 4", and weighs about 120 pounds. Her whole body is quite small, but healthy. Aleyna has a small waist with a small hourglass look to it. Her legs are quite long and beautiful, giving her a tall look to herself. Especially when she is wearing boots. She also likes to wear dark clothes and sometimes puts highlights in her hair, but don't mistake her for being like her mother cause she isn't. She just likes the dark style, plus it compliments her hair and eyes better than bright colors. You will always see Aleyna with makeup on, make up that compliments her eyes very well.

PERSONALITY - Aleyna, unlike both her mother and father, is quite outgoing. Though she is quite sarcastic, which was probably inherited from her Mother and her Uncle, Logan. She likes to talk, and has fun making jokes every now and then, but she gets a thrill when she can be sarcastic. Which probably adds to her outgoing, fun appearance she has going on for her. Even at dark times, she will try to make others feel better. If it's by making them laugh, or just calming them down about the situation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but whenever she can get some good reaction it brings her joy. She is also a little flirt, and maybe a bit of a pervert. (SHE IS A PERVERT IN A JOKING WAY! NOT A, "OH I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU NAKED" kind of pervert. She likes to joke about sexual things.) So in short she is Fun, outgoing, sociable, flirty, perverted, and sarcastic.

Though, Aleyna does have a dark side of her which comes out when she feels threatened and has to use her powers to protect her. It's at this point she looks a lot like her mother, the way she stands and how she glares. It's at this point she will not talk, in fact she is a whole different person. This is because she has had great training from both her Mother and Father, but mostly her Mother who has taught her to always keep a poker face on so no one will ever know what she is going to do next. It's here Aleyna shows how skilled she is in fighting.

HISTORY - Aleyna is the only child of X-23 (Laura) and Julian (Hellion). She is also called a miracle baby, for Laura had been told she was unable to have children. Which she had come to terms with, but it still felt horrible she wasn't able to give Julian a child of his own. He had suggested adoption, but even if Laura supported adoption, she just couldn't bring herself to adopt a child that she didn't create. It was something very hard for her to consider. So when she got pregnant both her and Julian were overjoyed. They did everything to make sure Laura would give birth to a healthy little baby. Though, at first they were both thinking that little Aleyna was a boy. They had a strong feeling that it was a boy, but that was wiped away when she went to get a check-up to see how the baby was doing. It was at this moment that they both found out about how their little boy was actually a little girl. Which caused the both of them to look at each other, hug, and cry tears of joy. Laura was overjoyed about having a little girl, but a part of her did feel sad it wasn't a boy, but she was going to love the girl as much as she was going to love the boy.

When Aleyna was born, she was a healthy little girl, but her mother was told she was most likely unable to have another child. It was a miracle that she was able to have Aleyna, but Laura didn't mind. It hurt, but she didn't mind, all that mattered to her was the little girl she was holding in her arms. Her little miracle. At first Julian and Laura wanted to name her Miracle, but decided against it and came up with Aleyna, but gave her the middle name of Miracle.

As Aleyna grew up, Laura and Julian made sure to give her a happier life than they had. Especially Laura, she didn't want her daughter to grow up anything like her. She was also hoping that she wasn't going to get the same powers at her. She was hoping she would get her father's powers. So when she was about twelve, Aleyna had been staring at an object and was wishing it would come to her rather than her getting up to go get it. The more she thought about it, the more her powers started to awaken. It wasn't until she stood up to go get it, did it suddenly levitate to her, causing her eyes to widen. She then quickly called to her mother and father, and when they came she showed them her trick again. Though, she was a bit confused to why Laura had suddenly bursted into tears while laughing and immediately hugged her little girl, but she ignored it. Thinking it was because she was so happy she had gotten her powers. Though, it wasn't until she had heard her cousin, Alora had gotten both her Uncle and Mother's power did she realize why her Mother was so happy. In fact, Aleyna was happy as well, the claws scared her and she was thankful she was blessed with not having them. Especially after the stories she had heard about them, but that didn't stop her from loving her Cousin, in fact she tried to help out as much as possible with Alora.

As Aleyna grew up she started to show her personality, and how much she wasn't like her parents. Only in fighting she was like them, but other than that she was completely different. Even though she did dress like her mother, she was entergetic and outgoing, something they had hoped she would be. Someone who could look forward to life with a smile on her face.

Aleyna is a telekinetic. She is able to fly at supersonic speeds, create telekinetic force fields, unleash powerful blasts of telekinetic force, and levitate and manipulate objects from afar. Though, unlike her father who had a green aura when using his powers, Aleyna has a purple aura.

She is also skilled in Martial Arts.
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{Character Profile} ~ Aleyna Keller - Daughter of X-23 and Hellion
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