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 {Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir

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Denise Hunter

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{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir   {Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir EmptyThu Nov 07, 2013 2:56 pm

{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir H3U{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir H3W{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir H3V

I'm gonna fight 'em all
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back
And I'm talking to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette

And the message coming from my eyes
Says leave it alone

{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir 15EA{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir H3T{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir 15EB  

Name: Denise Hunter
Age: 21
Romantic Relationships: Currently single~
Family Relationship(s): Fenrir (father), Dimitri Romanoff, Robin Storm & Signy (cousins), Hel (aunt)

Appearance: She’s rarely mistaken due to her strong and fierce red hair, which at times looks like burning flames if hit by the sun in the right angle. She’s a healthy and energetic young girl, with a fit and strong yet lean body. Mostly thanks to her living out in the wild all her life. So because of her lifestyle, her choose of clothing are always adapted to the weather and the wild, thus hiding of her feminine figure often.
Her normal eye color is a light blue, but depending on her mood or use of powers can shift into glowing orange/yellow embers.

{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir Tumblr_inline_mk4t57oWvo1rcheh4
”News flash: I don't live to please you sweetie.”

Personality: Denise didn’t only earn her nick name ‘Child of Fire’ because of her radiant red curls, but also because of her fierce and ‘wild child’ personality. She’s unafraid of pretty much anything, as she was practically raised to survive in danger. That or she’s really good at hiding her fear. Because of her upbringing she’s adaptable at new ways and/or environments, and therefore she’s also a fast learner.
She’s independent, hard working & passionate in everything she does. Serious, but still not to the point she won’t fool around and have a laugh at everything. Having fun while working, one way or another, holds as much importance as getting the job done if you ask her.
She’s witty, sarcastic, and arrogant. More than often her dry sense of humor is mistaken of her being rude and mean. Not to say she’s not rude at times too, because if there’s something she doesn’t like she simply doesn’t bother with it or finds a way to get rid of it.
She’s headstrong and never takes shit from anyone one but herself. She doesn’t mind someone being weak, but holds no respect for those who complains and looks down on or feels sorry for themselves.

{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir Tumblr_inline_mkl9zh8W3J1rcheh4
The very worst disadvantage of being too strong is that nobody cares even when you are hurt.

History: Being one of the most feared monster’s offspring’s, Denise was naturally abandoned when born, mostly in fear of what she’ll become when grown up. Her biological mother, who was just one among many victims of the demon wolf, could’ve simply killed her off. However, turns out the poor woman hadn’t had the guts too and instead left the newborn to die in the woods. Before any of the animals or something else would’ve killed her, something else entirely found her. A wandering Jotun from Muspelheim, the realm of Fire, had come across the child, having felt the strange energy and dark power from her. Being what he is, he was familiar with similar things happening, so unlike the humans had taken the human child with him.
When people calls her the girl whose been ‘kissed by fire’, one could say they’re speaking literally. The first part of her life growing up with the jotun, they travelled across the lands, teaching her how to survive and adapt out in the wild life. Then there came a time when he had to return Muspelheim. He had grown quite fond of the wild child but her being a human wouldn’t be able survive there, much less even let in. So before leaving her close by to a village, he gave her a part of his life-force, which in turn thanks to having Fenrir’s blood in her veins gave her the basic fire abilities of a fire-jotun. He had promised to see her again when he left, and she never stopped waiting.

Years went by fast, she was both feared and respected, sometimes even liked by the people in the mostly calm small village. She held respect for the elders though, who had helped her the most the day she was left in the village care, they also being the ones who gave her the surname Hunter. She was barely even there though, as she spent most of her time out in the world either travelling or hunting. She’s always preferred to be out in the wild, as she felt close to nature and animals. Surely it had something to do with her closeness to wolfs. She was often called ‘old fashioned’ by some in joke, since she never felt like using the more modern sort of weapon like guns etc. She does always prefer the things she could make herself, like bow and arrows, sometimes sword or just a simple dagger.
As she grew up, she had taken it upon herself to find out more about her ‘origins’. She already knew who her father was, thanks to the jotun who had found her. But she had on her own managed to find a way to contact Hel, the Goddess of Death. Normally, humans weren’t supposed to even be allowed to contact her, but seeing as she still managed and just whose blood she shared she was deemed ‘worthy’. Like that, she grew close to Signy and later to Dimitri (who for some reason just annoys her as much as she annoys him).
Time went on, more and more people left the village for the bigger cities with the modern technology, but Denise happily stayed. Looking after the elders and living her free life, while at the same time trying to find the one who still had a promise to fulfill.
Still unknown to her, her dear old friend wouldn’t able to see her in this life again.

{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir Giphy
~Kissed by Fire~

Powers/Special talents:
• Highly skilled strategist and in hand-to-hand combat
• Skilled in archery and swordplay
• High Heat Tolerance
• Fire Touch – Can burn/heat up objects by physical touch.
• Wolf Imitation/Empathy

• Feral Mind/ Berserker:
- Enhanced Agility
- Enhanced Instincts
- Enhanced Reflexes
- Enhanced Strength
- Pain Suppression

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{Character Profile} ~ Denise Hunter - Daughter of Fenrir
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