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 {Character Profile}~Caroline Creed~ Daughter of Watchtower and Sabretooth

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Caroline Creed


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PostSubject: {Character Profile}~Caroline Creed~ Daughter of Watchtower and Sabretooth   Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:03 am

Name: Caroline Creed
Parents: Victor and Chloe Creed
Age: 13
Romantic Relationships: Open to Suggestions
Family Relationship(s): Victor Creed (father), Chloe Sullivan Creed (mother), Ryan Creed (older brother), Stefan Creed (older brother), Sebastion Creed (older brother)
Appearance: Caroline is a small young girl with long blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders, she has blue eyes though with her blindness they are covered by a light grey film.  She looks like her mother save for the blue eyes that she inherited from her dad.
Personality: Caroline is very naïve and thinks the best of everyone, she was raised as a daddy's little girl and when she came into her powers had to learn how to defend herself, something she wasn't happy about.   She uses her claws only when she has too and never to hurt others  Even though she is still very young, Caroline looks out for her family to the best of her ability and if she ever thinks they are in danger will stand up for them.  Caroline loves her brothers and usually puts their protection above her own as she wants them to stay safe.
History: Caroline grew up the youngest of the Creed family, however after she was delivered it was discovered that she would be permanently blind.  After finding that out, her parents took special consideration of her and made sure she would be able to move around the house without seriously injuring herself. When she was six years old, her powers kicked in and she inherited her dad's infamous claws along with his advanced senses. With those new powers, it was easier for her to train and move around her home...shortly after she inherited these abilities her dad started to train herself so she would be able to protect herself.
In between those times, Caroline would sneak off to visit her cousins and even though a few relationships were strained at best they came to see Caroline as family. Caroline had a close family relationship with her cousins even if she had to keep it a secret from her dad, the best relationship she has though has been that of her brothers. She can always count on them to look out for her and she always does the same no matter what.
Powers/Special Talents:
-Extendible claws that grow from her nails which can be razor sharp and deadly
- Advanced senses such as: Hearing, Smell, and Taste
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{Character Profile}~Caroline Creed~ Daughter of Watchtower and Sabretooth
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