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 Black and White No more... {Rated M for sexual content}

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Helena Kyle

Helena Kyle

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PostSubject: Black and White No more... {Rated M for sexual content}   Wed May 07, 2014 12:40 am

It was a dark and lonely night in Gotham city, as the rain came down, quickly emptying the streets of any citizens that would normally be out this time of night. A figure stood on the edge of the roof of one of the highest buildings that was in Gotham, her goggles clutched tightly in her hand. Blood mixed with rain as it dripped off her hand and onto her goggles. She hardly cared, not feeling the pain that went through her hand and shot up her arm from her claws digging deep into her hand.

She was numb from another pain...

"Well, well, what's Miss Kitty doing out in the rain? I've always heard cats hated the water." A male voice called from behind her, as he strolled up to her, the voice light and teasing at it normally was.

"...Is it raining, Harl? I haven't noticed..." Her voice didn't hold it's usual sassyness or lightness that it normally held, in fact, there was no flirting in her tone. Her voice held nothing...

Just emptiness...

The man next to her seemed to pick up on it immediately. "Kitty... What happened?" His tone going from joking to concern in a split second. He would only get that way with his sister and with her...

It was funny if you thought about it...

She turned her head to him, her brown eyes red from anger and obvious crying. It was almost hard for her to tell if she was crying anymore... The rain seemed to be trying to wash it all away.

He reached out for her, putting his hands on her shoulders. She could almost see his eyes behind his domino mask searching hers. Pain flashed across her eyes, as it all started to rush back to her.

"M-my partner..." She started, her voice shaking, from rage or sadness, she wasn't sure anymore. "H-he was..." She looked away, not wanting to say it, she could feel her eyes watering up from her own tears again, burning her eyes.

She felt herself being pulled into a strong embrace. It took her a bit to finally break down, but when she did, she broke down hard. She dropped her goggles on the roof next to them and then clung to Harl's shirt, as if he was the only thing keeping her down on Earth. A sob shook through her body, as she buried her masked face into his shoulder.

Harl had known her partner and her partner had actually liked him and his sister, but that wasn't too odd for her partner; Pirate was a people cat, loving everyone that gave him attention. Only time he didn't was when Helena told him not to...

That black and white cat with an eye patch marking over his left eye and no tail had been with her for almost a year and a half. The moment she had saved him from some overly excited dogs, was the moment their partnership had started. He might not have been as graceful as her mother's cat, Isis, and his white wasn't exactly good camouflage, but he had never let her down...

"...What happened?" Harl asked, after a few moments. Helena's sobs had ceased to enough for her to speak again.

"...A-a car... He was hit by a damn car!" She growled out, not loosening her grip on Harl's shirt. Her claws were probably leaving holes and she knew that her right hand was leaving blood.

She felt him tense around her, most likely in shock. "He was always so careful... It was a hit and run, Harl! Nothing else could explain the..." She trailed off, her voice getting caught in her throat again. "...the blood s-splattered... on the road..." She pulled her arm in front of her and slammed it against his chest. “I want to hurt whoever did this! ...Hunt them down! ...And make them suffer...” She felt another sob go through her, as Hal pulled her tighter to him. She felt his heart beating against her cheek...

She closed her eyes when she felt his lips kiss the top of her head. She buried her face deeper into him. Harl was silent as he held her, she swore she could feel his body shake with anger, but she couldn't be certain if that was just her or not...

"...Come on... Let's get you inside..." He mumbled, before bending down and hooking his arm under her legs. He managed to reach down for the goggles while he was at it. She didn't protest, just continued to cling to him as he took her inside the building.

She had not noticed that she had been on top of the Gotham City Museum until Harl had carried her down further into it. Her eyes barely took in the exhibits the museum had to offer. She found herself being laid down on a bed that was covered in priceless silk and feathered pillows. The sheets were the softest she ever felt touch her skin, but they couldn't compare to the softness of her lost comrade...

Silently, Harl started to undress her, not that she cared at all. She had a feeling he didn't want her to get a cold and was probably used to doing this kind of thing for his sister. She was stripped down to only her panties, seeing as she never wore a bra with her cat suit anyways (her catsuit provided a built in bra, so why bother?(besides, he had seen her without most of her clothes already...). He respected her enough to leave her wearing her mask, which she was grateful for.

He tucked her under the warm covers, before he sat on the edge of the bed and started undressing as well. She watched him silently as he tossed their soaked clothes over the red rope that was supposed to keep people back from the exhibit, before he slipped under the covers next to her, in only his boxers.

She stared at him for a moment. "...Did you disable the alarms earlier on?" She asked, wondering where the alarms were and the guards.

"Alarms disabled and guards are all knocked out and in a storage closet, ergo, we have the whole place to ourselves." He told her, with a large grin as he turned his head over to her, his wet black hair sticking to his forehead and his domino mask.

Her eyes were soft as she looked at him. She raised a hand up to his face and moved his hair back. If she looked closely enough, she could vaguely make out that his eyes were blue behind that mask. She studied him for a moment, before she reached up and kissed his lips, softly at first. When he kissed her back, she started kissing him more heatedly, needing his kiss and his comfort.

He wrapped an arm around her bare back and pulled her towards him, while pushing himself against her. He pulled back a little, his body half way up, with her pushing on her elbow to stay near his height. "Kitty, ar-"

"Please, Harl, I need this...." She pleaded, her voice heavy with so much emotion. She pressed herself closer to him, wanting him to take over her. She reached up and kissed him hard on the mouth.

He didn't resist, before he took over the situation. He rolled them to where he was on top, kissing her hard as she kissed him with need. Their hands went all over one another, she pulled hard at his hair as he squeezed her breast hard. Gasps and moans were heard from both of them, as Helena's legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to her. She moaned at the feel of his bulge through his boxers and her panties. She started grinding her hips against his, causing him to let out a moan, which caused a satisfying smirk to come across her features.

A surprised gasp escaped her lips when he suddenly adjusted and she could feel the head press hard against her core, despite the two layers of clothes blocking it. She caught a glimpse of his smirk, causing her to narrow her eyes at him. She slipped her hand down and slipped it into his boxers, grabbing tight around his manhood. His eyebrows went up as she started to pump him, she felt him shiver at her movements.

She held in a gasp when she felt his fingers slip down into her panties in turn, slipping them into her wet core. As he played around, her body jerks at his movements, before she suddenly flipped them over to where she was on top.

Her eyes were fierce as she pulled down his boxers to his ankles before she tossed her panties off to the side. She slipped her wet core over him, not letting him in as she moved tantalizingly slow over his huge manhood.

“You're... you're being a tease...” He said, breathlessly and a little annoyed. She smirked at him, rotating her hips on him. She felt him tense under her as he made a grab for her breasts.

She leaned down to his lips as she purred softly. “A cat loves to play with her toys...” She purred, before nipping at his neck. She felt his hands go down her sides and down to her hips, before he suddenly flipped them over.

He pinned her hands above her head as he pressed himself against her, causing her to become as breathless as he had been. He smirked down at her as he hovered over his prey. “I think the toy has just taken the cat...” He whispered, in her ear, before moving his lips down to her breasts and taking her nipple between his teeth, causing her to gasp loudly.

Her back arched, pressing her breast further against his mouth as he sucked and nibbled. His free hand went to her other breast and rubbed hard. She moaned and bucked her hips against him, causing him to moan against her breast. She let out a loud gasp when she felt him enter her suddenly. She looked at him to see his slightly surprised look.

“Well... that went in faster then I had meant...” He admitted, staring down at her, breathless.

She breathed heavily as she looked up at him, with a breathless chuckle. “Move your hipsss.” She hissed out, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, as she slipped her hands from his hold. She grabbed his black hair and pulled him towards her, his lips crashing into hers.

He started thrusting in her causing her to gasp and moan. “Faster...” She moaned against his lips, as she moved her hips to keep up with his. He thrust her harder and faster at her request, the faster he moved the more moans she let out as her nails raked across his back.

She turned them over suddenly, to where she was on top and she began to ride him hard, his hands on her hips to help her keep up the speed. Her nails raked over his chest as she leaned forward and kissed and bit his neck.

He sat up, keeping her in his lap, as he stole her lips in his as her hips rolled over his. Her hands ran through his hair as he pulled her closer to him. She pushed him back down after a moment and leaned back a little as she moved her hips. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure as he hit her spot, a moan leaving her lips.

“Harl...” She moaned out, as his hands went over her body as she continued her fast movements. She moaned out his name again and again, before he suddenly turned them over again and shook her body hard.

Her cries got louder and louder, his name rolling off her tongue each time. She let out a gasp, before he started to slow down, moving gently against her. She laid back, her chest moving up and down fast, her drinking in each breath. She slowly turned her head to look at him, as he left light kisses over her.

She raised a shaky hand to his cheek before she kissed his lips softly. He kissed her back just as softly, as he pulled out of her, causing her to gasp against his lips. He shifted over to her side and pulled her against his chest as they both laid there, breathing hard.

He kissed the top of her head, as her nails traced light circles on his chest. She listened to the soothing sound of his heartbeat, before she drifted off to much deserved sleep.

She woke up about an hour before the museum would open to the public. She rolled over and stretched out just like a cat. She blinked her eyes at the sight of Harl still sleeping in the bed next to her. She was a little surprised, having almost expected him to have left during the night. She smiled softly, before she leaned over and lightly kissed him on his temple, right where his domino mask met his skin.

He barely moved and grunted a little in his sleep. She smiled, more amused, before she silently slipped out of the bed. She looked down at her hand and was surprised to see it wrapped up.

"Well... I was out of it..." She mumbled, softly, as she stood. She didn't even notice when he wrapped her hand.

She moved over to her costume, not really caring about her being naked. She was dreading the fact she would have to put on a wet costume though, when she paused.

There was a pile of civilian clothes laying next to her costume. She picked them up, before freezing a little when she felt arms encircle her waist. She relaxed when she felt the warm body behind her.

“Didn't want you to end up getting a cold after all that, Kitty.” Harl whispered in her ear, causing her to smile softly.

She looked at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Well... aren't you just a gentleman?” She asked, with a teasing tone, but her eyes showed him she was grateful...

For everything...

He just gave her a grin, getting what she meant, before he kissed her temple. “Now then, let's not show off your body to all of Gotham; I might have to slit a few throats.” He said, causing her to chuckle lightly.

“Mmm, but what if I want them to see?” She asked, humming. He raised an amused eyebrow at her. “Yeah... not going to happen.” He said, before he picked her up, grabbing both of their clothes.

“Harl! Put me down!” She laughed, struggling, as he started heading towards the restrooms for them to change. “It's my body!”

“Yes, it is, but why would you want to ruin the mystery that is Catwoman?” He asked, as he opened the door to the ladies room.

“I'm still wearing my mask.”

“I meant the sexual mystery! You have a beautiful body, but not everyone is worthy to figure out the mystery.” He stated, setting her down. Her feet touched the cold tiled floor, sending a shiver up her spin.

She pushed him away. “Please, Harl, you give my body too much credit.” She stated, before reaching to grab her clothes from him, only for him to raise them high above their heads, out of her reach. “Haarl!”

“Ah-ah! You have the body of a goddess and I want you to admit it.” He told her, raising a finger at her.

She rolled her eyes. “You just want more time to see me without my clothes on.” She stated, poking his chest with her finger.

“Kitty, I can see you anytime I like.” He said, with a large grin, causing her to narrow her eyes at him.

“Oh? And what makes you so sure?” She asked, turning away from him. She felt him grab her around the waist and turn her around towards him again.

His breath hit her lips as she stared into his mask. “You wouldn't have let me done that if I wasn't allowed to see you anytime...” He breathed out, before lowering his arm to give her back her clothes.

She took her clothes from him and leaned up on her tiptoes to be close to his ear. “You get to see me anytime because it's needed for the things we do.” She purred in his ear, feeling his arm tighten around her waist.

She kissed his cheek, before wiggling out of his arms. “Now then, we don't have time to stand around.” She told him, with a wink, before she shoved him out of the ladies room.

She got dressed quickly, slipping her mask into her back. She ran her fingers through her short hair, before slipping the lipstick out of her belt. She applied a coat on before slipping the sunglasses that Harl had left with her new clothes. She appreciated that he even had gotten her a large purse to carry all of her things in.

She slipped into the stall and waited until other women came in. After the first one left, she flushed the toilet before leaving the stall, washing her hands. She walked through the crowds that were now in the museum. She could hear gasps and cries of shock and maybe horror at the state of the large bed was left in. She smirked to herself as she looked through the exhibits, slowly making her way to the exit.

She stepped outside of the museum, pulling her new jacket closer to her. She walked down the steps of the museum, while putting a hand in her pocket. She blinked behind her sunglasses as she felt a piece of paper.

She pulled it out and read it.

The clothes are not the only thing I got for you... Go down the alley to the right and you'll get your next surprise.


She blinked in surprise, before shaking her head. She followed the note's instructions and headed down the alley. She stopped in surprise when she saw a yellow, wicker picnic basket. Another note was tied to it. She pulled it off and read it.

I know this won't take the place of Pirate and I know he can't be replaced... She paused in reading when she heard a tiny meow. She looked at the basket, before she bent down and opened it. She gasped softly when she found a black kitten with a red bow around his neck.

She picked up the kitten, who immediately started licking her fingers, before she finished reading the note.

But... Catwoman cannot be without a feline partner. Hope you like him, saved him from a group a kids when I got your new clothes.

-Harl ;-)

She laughed softly, feeling her eyes start to moisten again. She held the black kitten close to her face and smiled softly. “What shall I call you, hmm?” She asked, the little kitten as he played with her sunglasses.

“...I always wanted a black cat named Binx...” She mumbled, before kissing the top of his head.

Her eyes started watering more as she thought of her late partner. “I'll never forget you, Pirate... You'll always be loved...” She said, looking up at the sky as Binx purred loudly in her arms.


A//N: Last night, we found our cat, Pirate, dead in the road... It was a shock and last night was a long night after that... He was the sweetest kitty ever and loved everybody. I have used him in an rp in the past, but he was female and named Quinn. Tommy and I are heart broken, but he was more Tommy's cat then mine... We'll always love him... RIP, Pirate. Oct. 2012- May 2014
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Black and White No more... {Rated M for sexual content}
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