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 Walking In A Winter Wonderland (Open to All)

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Bonnie West

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PostSubject: Walking In A Winter Wonderland (Open to All)   Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:29 pm

Bonnie had been wandering the house for awhile and found herself outside it looked to be some kind of garden and it automatically reminded her of her mother's greenhouse.  The other thing she had started to notice was the cold, had it always been like this?  Generally her powers protected her from the weather but now....what was going on?  She shivered and studied the garden, it was almost December and as a result it was snowing a little bit.  She reached one hand out and tried shifting the snow getting a shock from the collar she was wearing around her neck as a result.. Wincing, she put her hand to her neck and stared around her, this wasn't right, it felt odd to have this happen.  Pulling her hood up she started to walk around the gardens, she hadn't seen anyone yet so it might be a good idea to see if anyone was around who would have any ideas.
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Walking In A Winter Wonderland (Open to All)
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