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 {Character Profile}~ Bonnie West Daughter of Ororo Munroe and Wally West

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Bonnie West

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PostSubject: {Character Profile}~ Bonnie West Daughter of Ororo Munroe and Wally West   Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:45 pm

I was looking for a breath of a life
For a little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang no oh oh oh

To get a dream of life again
A little vision of the start and the end
But all the choirs in my head sang, no oh oh oh

Name: Bonnie N'dare West
Age: 20
Romantic Relationships: Open to Suggestion Wink
Family Relationships: Ororo Munroe, (mother), Wally West (father)
Appearance: Bonnie is short, standing only at 5'2 she is curvy and looks very much like her mother.  When she uses her weather changing abilities, her eyes turn white just like her mother's.  Her hair is naturally bright white like her mother's but she dyes it brown so she can "blend" in.

Personality: Bonnie can be slightly quirky at times, although she is very strong-willed much like her mother and can be quite humorous, a trait she picked up from her father.  Underneath it all however, Bonnie is a very caring young woman and will do whatever it takes to help someone else.
History: Bonnie is the only child of Ororo Munroe and Wally West, growing up she sometimes went to Africa where her mother had been born and got to see her mother use her abilities to help the natives.  Her father would also take them to Central City and she got to move around a lot in her growing up years.  However, she never minded as she enjoyed spending time with her family.  When her mother told her of her royal heritage, Bonnie visited the people in Wakanda where she started to learn more about her mystical heritage.  Like her mother's line she had the markings of a witch even though she tried to hide how she appeared to most everyone else.  At the age of six she started showing signs of her mother's abilities and it wasn't long before she also showed signs of being very much like her father.  Her mother taught her how to control her weather shaping abilities, though it required lots of effort and training, along with that she had to learn how to use her super speed.  As the years passed, Bonnie grew more aware of her abilities and how to control them, every now and then however she did lose control but never dared tell anyone about herself.  
Powers/Special Talents:
Weather Manipulation: Includes Air Pressure (how to control and shape air currants), Moisture (she can control and alter the moisture at a molecular level changing it from liquid to a gas), Temperature (can manipulate thermal energy and can increase or lower atmospheric pressure) Resistance to Temperature Extremes (she is immune to sudden weather changes, however its an unconscious power and is not fully under her control, for instance when she summons lightning it can turn against her)
Lightning: Can fuse and shape lightning to her will
Energy Sight: Bonnie can see the physical world as energy, which allows her to be prepared for any sudden attacks
Mystical Heritage: Like her mother before her Bonnie is descended from witches and as such holds those markings, any day her magical power could manifest itself.
Super Speed: Like her father, she can super speed, however she can't reach the same speed as her dad only reaching half the speed.

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{Character Profile}~ Bonnie West Daughter of Ororo Munroe and Wally West
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