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 {Character Profile} Serah Quick-Daughter of Johnny Quick and Blink

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Serah Quick

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PostSubject: {Character Profile} Serah Quick-Daughter of Johnny Quick and Blink   Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:56 pm

Name – Serah Quick
Parents – Blink and Johnny Quick
Age – 19
Romantic Relationships – Jonathan Kent
Appearance – Serah has long dark purple hair and light lavender skin.  Her eyes are completely green basically glowing.  She’s very curvy and has long legs.  She also has a Celtic knot tattoo on the top of her back and shoulder

Personality – Serah is sweet but incredibly spoiled.  She has always gotten everything she wanted because of her father’s position in that universe.  She also gets along well with all of her siblings including the half siblings, though she sometimes has problems trusting men not related to her because of a violent incident that happened when she was 16.
History – Serah was raised to be her fathers princess though he has always treated all of his children like royalty.
Sometimes she would have to interact with the other members of the Crime Syndicate, both their children and the adults.  She usually found the children either to stupid to be around or too disturbing (like Owlman’s kids).  However she hated the majority of the Syndicate.  
When Serah turned 16 Ultraman and SuperWoman had another falling out.  Ultraman got drunk and went out.  He ended up at one of Johnny’s properties.  Johnny, Blink and Lorna were at the main house for a grown up time.  Damon, her little brother was over at a friends house so Serah was all alone.  Ultraman, in his drunken stat forgot that Johnny didn’t keep random sluts around like he used too.  He busted in.  While Serah tried to run, even with her super speed she couldn’t get away from the most powerful being on the planet.  
She tried to fight him off but he was too strong.  He ripped her clothes off and rapped her for two days.  After he sobered up he then rapped her again.  This time telling her the whole time how worthless and slutty she was.  He also told her that if she told a soul what he did to her he would kill everyone she loved, her siblings, everyone she was ever friends with, both woman who acted as her mother.  He said he would even kill her father because no one had the strength to stand against him.

Powers –
Super speed
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{Character Profile} Serah Quick-Daughter of Johnny Quick and Blink
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