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 {character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado

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Robert Queen

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{character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado Empty
PostSubject: {character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado   {character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 10:07 pm

{character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado 1373429704-sao-han--5-
Name – Robert Queen
Parents – Oliver Queen and Shado
Age – 28
Romantic Relationships – none
Appearance – tall muscular build, short dark hair, brown eyes
Personality – Robert is more like is mother then his father. He’s quiet and intimidating. He doesn’t usually speak unless he has something important to say.

History – Robert was raised in Hong Kong by his mother. After he turned five his mother began training him as she had been trained. She taught him to shoot a bow and arrow and all his hand to hand combat skills. Other then that he lived a normal life. While Robert doesn’t really love his father he does respect him.

His mother always told him what an honorable man his father was, though it did anger him when he found out this his father knew about him but still stayed with his blond metahuman girlfriend. All that changed was that his mother would get money in the mail to help care for them. It felt to Robert that Oliver Queen was paying them to stay away. He was mostly over the mild rejection when he heard about his father marrying Black Canary, but he became very angry when he found out about his new half brother.

To get over this anger and expel it from him he went out and began fighting members of the Triad. Without realizing it he was now of interest to the crime lords. They offered him a job as an enforcer. Robert knowing his father and his father’s wife were crime fighters, and knowing that Green Arrow didn’t care about him (as far as he knew), he took the offer. He rose in the ranks quickly with his skill and determination.

Before long he was made a high ranked leader. His mother never discovered his illegal activities. A short time after he began she was in a car accident. She was in a coma for five years before she finally died. With nothing holding him back he was sent to America to start a new branch of the Triad in a hero city.

It was long believed that homes of super hero’s were the best places to work a group like the Triad. As long as they started slow and kept to a decent size to start with the hero’s would be too busy with their crazy villains to worry about the less violent criminals.

As luck would having it Robert was sent to Starling City. Home of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Artemis though she disappeared years ago, Red Arrow, and whatever his half-brother went by.

Eventually his business got the attention of the ‘Arrow’ Family. They all came to him as the leader indending to force him out of their city. Robert sent all his own people out not wanting them here when this fight broke out.

When the team got there they expected a large number of soldiers that’s why they were all there. Instead they found only the leader that no one new what he looked like. He was sitting at his desk his chair facing away from them toward a window. They had heard truly horrifying things about this Triad leader. He was said to be the youngest leader ever. He started as an enforcer when he was 12. He was violent, smart and apparently so confident in himself that he sent all of his men away.

Oliver raised his bow and notched an arrow preparing to fire at the back of this ‘monster’. “Stand up slowly show with your hands above your head.” Robert slowly rose but did not raise his arms he instead had them lased loosely behind his back, as if he had stood on his own rather than an arrow pointed at him. The others with range weapons drew their own aiming at the threat.

“Are your really planning to shoot me in the back Mr. Queen?” Robert asked with a smirk at the window. He could practically hear his father hesitate at his knowledge.

“How do you know my name?” Oliver asked with a snarl.

“I know a great deal about you Mr. Queen. I know for instance that on that island you spent 5 years on you were tortured, that you weren’t there the whole time. I even know about a woman named Shado and your relationship to her.” He wanted to know how his father would react to the threat against his secret Chinese family.

Oliver’s family knew of his other family in China so they weren’t shocked to hear this threat. If this man knew who Oliver was he could easily know more.

At the threat against Shado and his son Robert Oliver let the arrow fly. It would have caused more damage had the man before him hadn’t shifted slightly. As it was it left a small scratch across his cheek bone.

“You stay away from Shado and my son!” Oliver said viciously.

The man chuckled as he began stepping around the desk. “It seems I will be the barer of bad news.” He said simply. “I’m afraid Shado died a number of years ago. A car accident. I assure you it was not a hit of any kind. She was in a coma for five years before she finally died. As for your son Robert he’s perfectly safe. Well,” he began moving closer to the light. That would allow the other occupants to see him clearly. “Except for the number of arrows pointed at him right now.” He smirked as he saw his father falter.

“Robert?” Oliver asked in shock as he stared at his son with a scratch across his check that he himself had given him.

“Hi Dad.” Robert said sarcastically. “Well now that you’ve visited you can see yourselves to the door. Goodbye.” He said simply as he began to go back to his desk.

“No no this isn’t right how did this happen?” Oliver said angrily following after his son around the desk. Dinah and the others didn’t know what to do so they waited and stayed silent.

“How? Really you can’t guess? I’m sure it’s a story you’ve heard before. An abandoned boy goes out and picks some fights. He doesn’t know he’s attracting Triad. He joins wanting to belong. Mother dies and he stays with the only ‘family’ he knows. But he’s incredibly talented, smart, clever, determined, angry, and was trained by his mother who was one of the best martial artists in the world. He rises in ranks and is rewarded with his own command in the United States. That’s kind of were the story ends for now.” He said simply. He turned his chair and began going over paper work

“Now goodbye.”

“I can’t let you go on like this.” Oliver said trying to make Robert see reason. “Your hurting people, you’re my son, I,”

“Since when?!” Robert asked angrily. “I’ve met you three times in my life. Including tonight. You didn’t even know my mother was dead. As for me hurting people you can’t stop me. If you try, I’ll first reveal my status as your bastard son and then I’ll be telling them all about how you are the Green Arrow. I’ll spill every secret I have about you and your family so back off.”

Oliver saw the rage and anger in the your mans eyes and backed away. “We have to come to some kind of agreement.” “No.” Robert says with determination. “You can leave now.” He said simply.

Dinah saw that his could become violent and not in a normal way if they didn’t diffuse this now. “Ollie.” She got his attention. “We won’t be able to figure this out now let’s go. We’ll come back another time and try to fix this.”

Robert snorted. “Good luck fixing this.” He whispered. The Arrows left leaving Robert alone again.

As time went on Robert shifted the Triad activates to more legitimate things. While most that knew the story believed this was due to him reconnecting with Oliver and his family, Robert clamed that it’s a better business to go legit, at least partially legit.

Robert even began to have a slightly better relationship with his step brother though they still disagree on a number of things.
Powers –
Skills with a bow and arrow
Highly skilled in combat
Very business savvy.
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{character Profile} Robert Queen- Son of Oliver Queen and Shado
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