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 {Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman

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Helena Kyle

Helena Kyle

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{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman   {Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 11:11 pm

{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Tumblr_inline_mgswd0ynaq1rt2432
{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Tumblr_inline_mgswcrYxSw1rt2432

NAME -Helena "Kyle" Wayne (Goes by her mother's name, "Kyle")
PARENTS - Selina Kyle (First Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne (First Batman)
AGE - 23
ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP(S) - Have a plot with Aidan Quin Wink
FAMILY RELATIONSHIP(S) - Selina Kyle (Mother), Bruce Wayne (Father), Thomas Wayne (younger Half-brother (the new Batman)), Alice Wayne (younger Half-sister (the new Batgirl)), Hannah Wayne (Step-Mother (Gemini))


APPEARANCE - Born with the same black curls as both of her parents, Helena has always been known for her dark locks from both of her parents and her brown eyes from her grandmother. Her skin is fair and she has freckles sprinkling across her nose and around her cheeks. After the years of seeing her mother with light brown/blonde hair most of her life, made her only see her black hair as a reminder of the father she never knew. She dies her hair light brown so she feels she can say she looks like her mother. Slender body, perfect for her cat suit.

PERSONALITY - Helena is like her mother in so many ways, for having been raised by her; She is sassy and is a woman who will do what she has to do to get what she wants. She's seductive and can rob you blind without even blinking. If she's out doing a job and you're with her for the ride, she's most likely just using you. She hardly lets anyone in and promptly tells people how she feels about them, especially if it's not pretty. If she lets down her walls even a little, she will show another side to you, one that shows that she has a lot of her father in her as well. Even if she feels she hates you, if you are a good person, she will help you out of a jam, but only if she feels it's worth it. Don't come asking her for help right away, because then she will have a tendency to just wait until the last minute and help you or not help you at all. 

Helena has a big heart, even if she doesn't want to admit it. If she considers you a friend or more, then you have reached a level of her that hardly anyone has ever seen; you will see real smiles, hear real laughter, and see how much she really cares. As time goes on, she will be more vulnerable in front of you.

Be warned, if you ever betray her or break her trust, she will become cold and hard, not giving you chance to gain back her trust or let you back into her heart. If she gets the chance, she will never see you again and ignore your whole existence, blotting you out of her world.

HISTORY - Helena was born out of wedlock by Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. She was a secret for awhile, when Selina went into hiding during the pregnancy, having Holly Robinson take over as Catwoman, as she lived under the alias Irena Dubrovna. Months after she had given birth, Selina returned to the role of Catwoman, having Holly take care of Helena every now and then. One night when Selina was out and about as Catwoman, she was abducted and taken to another world, forced to fight people in arenas, until they were able to escape one day...

When Selina came home, she did not want her life for her daughter... But didn't want to leave her defenseless, so, when she was old enough, she began to train Helena. For the longest time, she didn't tell her daughter about her life as Catwoman, always leaving her with Holly when ever she would "go to work". Helena, being related to her mother, got curious about where she went every night. So, she distracted Holly, before she followed her mother out. 

She dressed in full black, knowing how dark Gotham was and she would blend in well with the black. At one point while following her mother, she lost her, before she found her trail again. When she had found her mother, she was on a rooftop, talking to Batman.

Her eyes widened by the fact she had discovered that her mother was Catwoman, but it only proved her suspicions about her mother (the other suspicion was that her mother was a prostitute...). As she watched, she heard them talk about a list of things; Two Face, Selina's recent robberies, and a girl...

Her eyes widened when she realized that they were talking about her. Batman was asking for Helena to stay with him for a bit. Selina stated that it was Helena's choice and how she (Selina) was doing a good job at raising her without him. Batman stated he wanted to help, but Selina shook her head, asking how this would affect his little family? He stated that Hannah would understand (Who's Hannah? Helena thought.). Before Selina sighed, saying, "I don't know, Bruce, but I'll talk to her..."


Bruce Wayne?

Helena remembered Selina telling her a little bit about her on again and off again relationship with the billionaire and has always wondered (more like fantasized) about Bruce Wayne being her father when she was younger. As she got older, she had a feeling it was the truth whenever she saw him on a magazine cover and would notice how she had this feature similar to his... Didn't help that when she saw his kids that it was pretty obvious that they could be related to her...

Helena left before she could hear anymore... Batman was Bruce Wayne... 

Bruce Wayne was her father....

And he knew about her this whole time?

When Selina arrived home, Helena confronted her about everything... Her being Catwoman, her father being Bruce Wayne AND being Batman. Selina tried to get her to understand, but Helena wouldn't hear it. She wanted nothing to do with her so called "father". 

Time passed and Helena started begging her mother to take out on her outings as Catwoman. Selina refused, stating she didn't want that life for her, which only annoyed Helena, seeing as her mother and father were the infamous Catwoman and Batman; how could she not have that life?

When she turned fifteen, on the night of her birthday, all hell broke loose... Two Face had decided to crash the birthday party, wanting to come after her mother. Selina was able to get Helena and her friends outside, while she distracted Two Face.

Helena snuck away from the group, feeling that her mother would need her help fighting. When she made it up to the roof, Batman was already fighting along side Selina, making Helena feel that everything was going to be all right...

She stayed hidden, only knocking out baddies when they were a clear shot and it didn't cause attention to herself. She knew better than to get in the way of two heroes fighting... She would end up being a distraction and something awful would happen...

She wasn't going to risk it...

Everything was going great, Batman and her mom were winning against Two Face. Helena was feeling that today would turn out to be her best birthday yet! Having front row seats to watching her mother and father working side by side and beating the bad guy, how could it get any better?

Everything went into slow motion when Two Face knocked Selina off her feet. Helena watched in disbelief as Two Face picked her mother up and threw her over the side of the roof. Before Helena realized what she was doing, she was running full force into Two Face, knocking him down. She fought Two Face with every bone in her body, ending the fight with her hanging the man over the side of the building. 

Batman stopped her, pulling her back to reality. Helena didn't say a word to him, as she tossed Two Face on the ground and ran down to the ground floor to check on her mother.

When she got there, they were putting her in the ambulance. Helena forced her way into the vehicle  riding with them to the hospital. She held her mother's hand the whole time, praying for her as tears fell down her face.

After waiting at the hospital, Bruce and his wife, Hannah, showed up, surprising Helena. Hannah promised her that she would do her best to help her mother, before she went in and worked on healing her.

As Helena and Bruce waited in the waiting room, they fell into awkward silence, before Bruce broke it with awkward conversation. When Hannah came out, Helena ran to her and smiled when Hannah told her that her mother should be fine. Helena hugged her, before Hannah offered for her to stay with them for awhile, until her mother fully recovered (she explained that her mother would be weak for a little while...). Helena said she would think about it before running in to see her mom. Her mother was asleep, but that was fine with her. Hannah had healed her mother and everything was going to be okay...

That was until the next morning when the doctor told her and her mother the news....

Her mother was now paralyzed from the waist down...

Anger filled her as she thought about what Hannah had told her... Helena now felt Hannah had lied to her about her mother being okay... She refused to ever speak to Hannah again and ignored all of the calls and offers the woman sent her. When Bruce came to her... all hell broke loose... Helena let out her frustration of Bruce not being in her life and how he married someone other then her mother....

She didn't want to have anything to do with him or his little family... 

As a few months past, Helena could see that Catwoman was a big part of Gotham... She needed to exists...

So, without even discussing it with her mother, Helena donned the Catwoman suit and has been Catwoman for eighteen-years now... 

(~From her Mother~)
- Peak athlete/Agility/Stamina
- Attractive Female
- Extremely skilled gymnast and hand-to-hand combatant
- Expert burglar/Escape Artist
- Gadgets
- Possesses costumes with steel spring-loaded climbing pitons and razor-sharp retractable claws
- Wields an assortment of bullwhips and cat o' nine tails as gymnastic equipment
- Empathic relationship ability with all types of cats
- Marksmanship
- Tracking
- Unarmed Combat
- Wall Clinger
- Weapon Master
(~From her Father~)
- Genius-level intellect
- Strategist
- Tactician
- Master of stealth
- Master of disguise
- Photographic memory
- Adaptive
- Leadership

~Helena's current little partner in crime is a black cat named Binx. Her first little partner in crime was a black and white cat, no tail, with black patch of fur over his left eye, named Pirate. Pirate was struck by a car one night... Harl/Aidan gave Helena Binx...~


{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Emma_w11{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Emma_w12
{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Emma_w10
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Helena Kyle

Helena Kyle

Posts : 11
Join date : 2013-10-28

{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman Empty
PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman   {Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman EmptyTue May 06, 2014 8:52 pm

Added somethings at the end about Helena's partner... Writing something about it now...
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{Character Profile} ~ Helena Kyle - Daughter of Catwoman and Batman
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